Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WANTED: President

A nation of more than 90 Million people, rich in natural resources, with an annual budget of more than PhP1.5Trillion, is in urgent need of a President to be installed by the end of June, 2010. The President we have in mind:
- Must be a Filipino citizen (by birth), at least 40 years of age, and must have shown and proven his/her love of country and people.
- Must have very high intelligence and the ability to communicate well with people of all ages, backgrounds, religion and nation. He/she must be believable and ignites trust and influence in the people he/she encounters
- Must exude extreme confidence, must be in good health and have the ability to work under extreme pressure
- Must have high integrity, have not been convicted of any crimes, nor have been proven to lie under oath in the past

To qualify, the candidate:
- Must present his/her resume with credentials, family background, financial worth, state of health, and affiliations
- Must present his/her solid, verifiable and measurable accomplishments in the past especially those showing his/her leadership capabilities
- Must present his/her historical and present positions and their justification in many different issues affecting the country such as but not limited to The Reproductive Health Bill, The Visiting Forces Agreement, People Power 1 and 2, Early political campaigning and electoral reforms, Value Added Tax, Oil Deregulation, Estrada Pardon and 2010 Candidacy, Agrarian Reform, Endorsement of Political candidate by religious leaders, Oakwood Mutiny and the Manila Peninsula Siege, NBN/ZTE and the Jun Lozada testimony, Charter Change, etc.
- Must present actionable platforms which include solutions to different problems hounding the country, such as extreme poverty aggravated by graft and corruption, war in Mindanao and with the NPA, poor physical and business infrastructure, ballooning public debts and budget deficits, low quality of public education and healthcare, etc.

To apply, please fill up an application and submit with the COMELEC Main office on or before November 30, 2009. Qualified candidates will be invited for various interviews, forums and debates from February to May, 2010. Failure to attend such interviews, forums or debates will mean that the candidate is not interested in the position and shall be cause for non-inclusion, if not outright disqualification.

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