Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is this the time to ask Questions?

We are all Filipinos and we love our country. But there are questions we now must answer…

Why do we all want our country clean, tidy and flood-free then we throw our trash just about everywhere we go? Why do all our drivers complain of heavy traffic and then we cut lines and not follow rules? Why do we lament graft and corruption when we ourselves prefer to bribe our way than pay our dues? Why do we lambast the failing quality of education while we let our kids watch even meaningless supposed real-life reality shows?

Why do we all talk about how bad our country has become and then turn a blind eye on those little children begging or sniffing rugby on the streets? Why do our doctors let our public hospitals rot while our poor countrymen die even from avoidable diseases? Why do our best lawyers and politicians argue just about everything while we all let injustice prevail? And why do our businessmen feel sad about our economy, when we all rather bring our money abroad?

How can we feel proud of our own honesty when we all fall in line to praise our leaders who cheat? How can we all sleep so well on a rainy night when we all know children and old people under that dingy little bridge could die? Where are the graduates of our prestigious schools, Ateneo, La Salle and UP? Are you leading our country the way you should? Where are the religious of our churches, are you showing us the way or are you too busy arguing with one another?

We say we are a country of the bests, of Manny Pacquiao and Leah Salonga. We are the country of heroes, of Ninoy, Rizal and Bonifacio. We are the world’s best debaters and the best teachers, the best nurses and caregivers. But where are our mothers? Who are they caring for? Why do we push them out our country, call them heroes, while our children are left astray?

Perhaps, it is time to stop asking questions. Now is the time to act.