Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Teacher" Neric Acosta goes to Sentro

Yesterday, we had LP Senatorial candidate Neric Acosta with us for an interview at Sentro ng Katotohanan (DWBL 1242KHz 8.30-9.30PM T-Th). Mr. Acosta, or "Teacher", as his campaign would like to call him, is a former congressman, a three termer, from the first district of Bukidnon. He is a stalwart LP member, and is the party's Vice President for Mindanao.

Mr. Acosta's stint in congress produced major legislation, The Philippine Clean Air, Water Management and Solid Waste Management Acts, among them. Before being a congressman, he was a provincial board member, but he maintains he is a teacher first before entering politics. During the interview, we found out that his father is a scientist (agricultural geneticist), while his mother is a politician (former Mayor, and former Congresswoman). He is the only politician among the brood of three. He is married to a Thai national whom he met in the US during his post graduate studies there, and they have a son.

Learn more about Mr. Neric Acosta by listening to our archived interview via the following link.

Interview with "Teacher" Neric Acosta


Chino said...

One of Mr. Acosta's claims is that other countries look at Philippine laws, since our country supposedly has too many laws. But I think that should be a given. Countries will study other countries' laws anyway. Our laws aren't studied just because they're special. They just get studied by other countries, period. Besides, you don't know if they see our laws as a good example or a laughable example. I don't think that the Philippines is anything special that everyone else should look up to.

Arnel B. Endrinal said...

I am not sure myself where he got that notion. If I were a legislator in another country, I would look at laws implemented in countries where laws are actually followed and working well!

Perhaps it is just their defense for Mr. Aquino's lack of legislative accomplishments.