Friday, December 24, 2010

SnK with WE CARE

Yesterday, Sentro ng Katotohanan was joined by Jing Mable and Dindo Donato of the group We Care Movement. They joined the broadcast and also commented on the latest news with anchors Arnel B. Endrinal, Orion Perez Dumdum and Chino Fernandez.

Per Ms. Mable, they started WE CARE or WE Citizens Advocates for REforms sometime in 2007, at the time when they felt that some groups are disregarding the people’s voice by putting down the Constitutional provision on Peoples’ Inititative. We Care therefore is a balancing group to listen to the People’s clamor for change including constitutional change.

Also among the topics discussed yesterday include how to achieve peace in Mindanao. Mr. Donato, who grew up in Davao City, mentioned that, often, peace initiatives tend to separate Muslims from Christians which eventually add to the tension there. He suggests that any peace agreement should benefit all those affected, not just one group or the other.

Listen to the archive of yesterday’s broadcast from

Sentro December 23, 2010, with WE CARE's Jing Mable and Dindo Donato

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sen Sen. Richard Gordon with Mrs. Carmen Pedrosa on SnK

Sen. Richard Gordon and Mrs. Carmen Navarro Pedrosa joined Sentro regulars Arnel, Orion and Chino yesterday, December 16, 2010, for a very lively program discussing the latest news and issues that concerns the country.

Sentro December 16, 2010 (With Sen. Gordon and Mrs. Pedrosa)