Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lead Philippines Radio Program, 2nd Announcement

We invite everyone to listen to "Sentro ng Katotohanan", starting this Sunday, May 17, 2009, 6-7PM, DZXL 558KHz in Metro Manila. (Note: Since we found out that the words "Liga ng Katotohanan" is/was used by the television station GMA7, we decided to change the title to: "Sentro ng Katotohanan", or simply "Sentro".)

"Sentro" will be a news commentary/opinion program, anchored by Mr. Rey Quijada (, commenting on the headlines of the week in the hope of bringing to fore different perspectives on the same. It will feature interviews with the persons involved in the headlines themselves or with other individuals whose experience enable them to provide relevant insights on the issues at hand. "Sentro" will hope to present different answers to the common Filipino's questions on what is happening around him.

"Sentro" is born out of the collaboration between Arnel B. Endrinal (Lead Philippines, and Reynaldo Quijada ( who both felt that the search for leadership in the country must involve the mass media. They both believe, that next to the Filipino's immediate family and better than the educational system (schools), the most important source of education for many Filipinos is the broadcast media. Thus we enjoin everyone to support this initiative.

We also welcome everyone to suggest topics and questions that are important to be discussed. For any comments or suggestions, please email us at lead.philippines@..., or through the comments section at

Please forward this announcement to all who are working for a better Philippines.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lead Philippines Announcement

The partnership of Lead Philippines ( and Di Duwag ang Pilipino ( is now poised to broadcast their first radio program entitled: (Ang) Liga ng Katotohanan.

The program will be a news commentary program, highlighting pressing issues and problems affecting the country today, and the search for solutions related to the same. While doing so, the program hopes to encounter potential leaders with the best ideas and capabilities to help lift the country in the future.

About a year from the National Elections of 2010, the program also hopes to reach individuals and organizations currently pursuing various initiatives, and act as a converging point for all of them. As such, Lead Philippines welcomes suggestions, and can make use of announcements and other information from all these concerned individuals, movements and organizations.

The program will be aired starting May 17, 2009 (still subject to change), Sunday, from 6 to 7PM at DZXL (a station of the Radio Mindanao Network) 558KHz on the AM band.

Please visit Lead Philippines blog for further announcements.