Friday, May 28, 2010

Do we need a Senate?

The Senate, do we need it? What is it's use? Are we better off without it? Those are some of the questions we hope we answered in last tuesday's broadcast of Sentro ng Katotohanan.

During the same broadcast, we also had with us, our Culture Warrior, ChinoF, talking about the dole-out mentality of the Pinoy.

Sentro ng Katotohanan, May 25, 2010

Meanwhile, yesterday, among the issues we tackled include some protectionist economic provisions in the constitution, whether they are good or are they actually hurting us; and the Pinoy's penchant for short-cuts.

Sentro ng Katotohanan, May 27, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Plato's Republic

Last Thursday, aside from discussing the news reports of the day, SnK anchors OrionD and Arnel talked about Plato's opinion on what is the best for the leadership of a country. Surprisingly, Plato seems to have been the inspiration of George Lucas' Jedi masters in the Star Wars saga. Listen to the discussion here:

Sentro May 20, 2010 Part 1
Sentro May 20, 2010 Part 2

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Are Pinoy Voters Wiser? and other SNK updates

Yesterday, it is only OrionD and myself at Sentro ng Katotohanan. We talked about the latest news, our take on them, while we also discussed how we felt about how our voters chose their candidates in the recent elections.

Are our voters wiser this time? That is the question which Sentro ng Katotohanan hoped to answer.

May 18, 2010 broadcast (Are Pinoy voters wiser?)

Other past broadcasts are as follows:

May 13, 2010 broadcast
May 11, 2010 broadcast
May 6, 2010 broadcast
May 4, 2010 broadcast

Friday, May 7, 2010

Parliamentary and Presidential forms of Government

OrionD and BenK are featured in Sentro ng Katotohanan's discussion on the different forms of government. The discussion, which is mostly in English, gives the listeners some insights on the differences as well as the advantages/disadvantages of the Parliamentary and Presidential forms of Government. The discussion also attempts to cover the applicability of the Parliamentary form of government to the Philippine setting.

This is a two-part Sentro ng Katotohanan feature, which our program believes every Filipino should study and discuss openly in the search for solutions to our country's problems.

Part 1: Sentro April 22, 2010
Part 2: Sentro April 29, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sentro April 27, 2010

Last week's (tuesday) broadcast is now archived for listening online. It is the broadcast that features the return of "Ate ng Katotohanan", sometimes also referred to as Musa ng Katotohanan, Ms. Linette Gepte. ChinoF of Get Real Philippines also returns to Sentro on that edition. Of course, IyaJ, OrionD and myself are also there..

Sentro April 27, 2010

Meanwhile, we are having some technical problems in our recordings of the other broadcasts (April 22, April 29, and May 4) which will be posted here as soon as we have a working sound file.