Friday, May 28, 2010

Do we need a Senate?

The Senate, do we need it? What is it's use? Are we better off without it? Those are some of the questions we hope we answered in last tuesday's broadcast of Sentro ng Katotohanan.

During the same broadcast, we also had with us, our Culture Warrior, ChinoF, talking about the dole-out mentality of the Pinoy.

Sentro ng Katotohanan, May 25, 2010

Meanwhile, yesterday, among the issues we tackled include some protectionist economic provisions in the constitution, whether they are good or are they actually hurting us; and the Pinoy's penchant for short-cuts.

Sentro ng Katotohanan, May 27, 2010


Chino said...

You know, on the dole out culture, we didn't get to talk more on what Arnel said. That the kids living on dole-outs and without jobs or not studying, are the ones the TV shows are made for. So the TV shows depend on dependents... in analysis, lazy people define the kind of shows we watch on TV! Makes sense.

Also, what some populist government people like to give dole-outs on includes fiestas, sportsfests, celebrations, etc. So it reflects that Filipinos value good time more than the nobility of work. Looks like we can talk of more on this.

Chino said...

Forgot what I exactly wanted to say... the media is teaching the people to be lazy with all the shows they put out for the dole-outees. Thus, we have a lazy country.

Arnel B. Endrinal said...

Hi Chino,
Thanks for commenting here..
Indeed, if we talk about culture and how the mass media is dumbing our people down.. we can go on and on and on and on..
I hope you can join us again at Sentro next time..