Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sentro April 27, 2010

Last week's (tuesday) broadcast is now archived for listening online. It is the broadcast that features the return of "Ate ng Katotohanan", sometimes also referred to as Musa ng Katotohanan, Ms. Linette Gepte. ChinoF of Get Real Philippines also returns to Sentro on that edition. Of course, IyaJ, OrionD and myself are also there..

Sentro April 27, 2010

Meanwhile, we are having some technical problems in our recordings of the other broadcasts (April 22, April 29, and May 4) which will be posted here as soon as we have a working sound file.

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Chino said...

It was great to be there. Paul, Iya, Orion and I had a great time after this over beer and pulutan, and we figured out how we could materialize our rants (article posts and what we say on broadcasts). Or at least tried to. Lots of things still fall into the culture. I'm still an advocate of cultural reform as the starting point.