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2020 Vision:
Lead Philippines envisions a country with a good number of capable national leaders of high integrity and patriotism, joining the political fray, and who instill hope, confidence and pride among the Filipino people in their own country by 2020.

Lead Philippines is a movement of Filipinos that seeks to help the country find new leaders. The search for fresh leadership will be through a series of tasks aimed at:
1. Rousing people to do something, with whatever one can do or how little it may seem, and
2. In the process also rousing people with capability, integrity and patriotism to present themselves to the people and lead the country out of its problems, and
3. Providing these potential leaders with a venue in mass media where they can be heard, tested and, for those who are proven most worthy, be made popular, thereby,
4. Bringing hope, pride and confidence for the Filipino people.

Lead Philippines shall follow the same values it seeks from potential leaders. These values, which are expounded by another group called TETP* and which Lead Philippines support, are summarized as follows:

 Love for country, next to God
 Love for fellowmen, with special concern for those in abject poverty
 Offering of service not for own benefit but for the benefit of others

 Passion to search for, to understand, and to spread the truth
 Fairness even when others are not fair
 Avoidance of conflict of interests, declaring when such exist in itself

 Adequately prepare for important tasks
 Exemplify timeliness in its activities
 Seek out and honor excellence from other people

Specific Projects:
The flagship project which Lead Philippines plans to implement is to:
1. Produce a radio program that will feature truth, to provide real leaders (who are not afraid of the truth) with a venue where they can share their dreams and aspirations for the country.

Lead Philippines believe that the above project alone can have a tremendous impact in the search for new leadership. Potential leaders do not surface because they are not being given due recognition by mainstream media. Their capabilities and accomplishments remain unheralded and they remain largely unknown. Meanwhile, popular celebrities and moneyed politician are afforded with a lot of positive media exposure and are not subjected to hard scrutiny, thus further blurring the
difference between real and fake leaders. These further discourage real leaders who will never seek personal recognition.

The above project also provides Lead Philippines the media experience which could help it implement other projects as follows:
2. Produce a series of advertisements to be released in the tri-media as well as in newer media such as in the internet, to rouse people into positive and nationalistic action
3. Publish a newspaper to chronicle the country’s search for new leaders
4. Produce a pop and rock concert and produce a corresponding music CD which main theme is nationalism and call to action.
5. Produce a song-writing competition with nationalism as theme and televise a finals event featuring the songs that would touch the heart of the people and stir them to positive action
6. Produce a multi-artist recording of a song with nationalistic theme (similar to what is done in "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo" recorded right after the 1986 People Power revolution.
7. Produce and popularize a televised search for national leaders, much like the American or Philippines Idol, but for leaders rather than singers, wherein the people can participate via SMS.
8. Produce and popularize a series of televised/radio debates and leadership forums in universities and other venues nationwide.

*To learn more about TETP, visit them online at:

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