Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lead Philippines Survey #2: What is our biggest problem?

Lead Philippines is now conducting a small survey and asking the following question:

What is the country's biggest problem?
a. The Economy
b. Poverty
c. Graft and Corruption
d. Peace and Order
e. Others (please specify)

To answer, please send an email to or post a comment on this article. Thank you very much for participating.


geejay said...

The country's biggest problem is graft and corruption.

By the way, I suggest you make parallel options, e.g.: 1) Feudal Economic System 2) Poverty 3) Graft and Corruption 4) Warlords and the Proliferation of guns 5) Gambling (e.g. Jueteng). The words ECONOMY and PEACE and ORDER are not problems. If you get what I mean. Thanks!

Arnel B. Endrinal said...

Hi geejay, thanks..

We did not use parallel options for brevity. Thanks for your suggestion, though.

Hazel Pancho said...

We have been governed by the highly educated intellectuals but still the problems exist and deeply rooted in our system. The real problem are the leaders and the constituents of our country or simply: US
If we just live our lives with genuine love as taught by Christ, I believe all these problems will be solved. Will there be land grabbers, gunrunners, warlords, etc...if we just do this simple task: TO HAVE SELFLESS LOVE?

Arnel B. Endrinal said...

Well said, Hazel.