Friday, March 19, 2010

Forum Fatigue?

It seems now that the camp of Aquino (and seemingly concurred by the Villar camp) are promoting the idea that forums and debates is a waste of time in order to justify not joining them.

The leading candidates has missed attendance to some important forums among them the healthcare forum in the Medical City (by the Phil. College of Physicians), attended only by Gordon and Teodoro, and the Mindanao forum in Zamboanga, attended only by Delos Reyes and Perlas.. (BTW, we also heard of both candidates' absence in the Quiboloy forum..)

I can now imagine that from now up to election time, both these candidates will not be talking anymore about their positions, moreso their policies if elected president. While Noynoy is doing a FPJ, seemingly ignoring/avoiding the invitations, Villar is doing a GMA by not attending the forums unless Noynoy is there.

I think that with this attitude of the two leading candidates, if proven true, they may both be considered cheaters and cowards at the same time. Cheaters as in they want to win the election without giving too much of themselves, and cowards as not being able to stand up as true leaders when the electorate requires their submissions.

Obviously, the battle is not about good versus evil, but Noynoy's Glitter versus Villar's Gold.

Of course, mass media should have been criticizing both candidates to high heavens with these underhanded electoral strategies. And of course we see that again, mass media is reneging on its job.

Well, we can only lament the fact that nothing has changed.

2 comments: said...

I am following up on that one-on-one debate that Noynoy challenged Villar

Arnel B. Endrinal said...

And I hope it pushes through.. Good luck, MomBlogger..