Saturday, October 10, 2009

About Sentro ng Katotohanan.

Sentro ng Katotohanan (SnK) is a bi-weekly news commentary program on radio anchored by Mr. Arnel B. Endrinal of Lead Philippines. It's present co-anchor, Ms. Iya Justimbaste is part of a group called Get Real Philippines. SnK is aired live over at DWBL 1242KHz every Tuesday and Thursday, 8.30-9.30PM.

Sentro ng Katotohanan is a pure advocacy program that seeks to promote critical thinking especially in light of the coming May 2010 elections. The program started airing from DWBL in September 15, 2009. However, it started as weekly program aired Sundays, 6.00-7.00PM over at RMN's Metro Manila station DZXL from May 17 to July 26, 2009.

Sentro ng Katotohanan offers a fresh new format on Philippine AM radio wherein its anchor/s provide unbiased yet scathing insights on different issues, news and public personalities. The program challenges conventional thinking while espousing level-headed discussions. The program also features comprehensive interviews with different public personalities as well as bloggers that offer unique perspectives. All in all, SnK thinks that ideas and opinions are important, but more important is how these opinions and ideas are arrived at.

Among the personalities interviewed in the past include:
- JC Delos Reyes, Presidential Candidate of Ang Kapatiran Party
- Atty. Jun Chipeco, Vice Presidential Candidate of Ang Kapatiran Party
- Ang Kapatiran Party officers and Senatoriables
- Nick Perlas, Independent Presidential Candidate
- Former MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando
- Mrs. Sonia Roco
- Former DSWD Secretary Cora Alma De Leon
- Author and Senatoriable Atty. Alex Lacson
- Youth Leader Harvey Keh
- CNN Hero Efren Penaflorida Jr.
- PNRC Sec. Gen. Gwen Pang
- Marikina Mayor Marides Fernando
- Phil. Star Columnist Carmen Navarro Pedrosa
- Manila Standard Today Columnist Antonio Abaya
- Get Realists BenK, OrionD, Lester Ople, Paul Farrol, FiloE and Laurence

SnK is started based on the belief that the Philippines is a country on its knees partly because mass media as a whole is not able to provide correct treatment to news and other public information. SnK, acting as catalyst, believes that our democracy would work only if we have working, viable and responsible mass media institutions.

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