Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inquirer's Front Page

It may be interesting to see how the Inquirer is taking on the news these days.. People are free to guess who their first page news is favoring. I say it is Sen. Noynoy Aquino on this one. What do you think?

Update: Meanwhile, the following is the link to our interview with Gov. Joey Salceda last October, 2009, right after Ondoy and right when there were talks about a reconstruction commission (BTW, I wonder what happened to that commission, another case of Ningas Cogon?).

Sentro with Gov. Joey Salceda

(Note: Actual interview starts at 24.01)

Update April 17, 2010: This article is now being transferred and improved to a new blog called The Inquirer Front Page.


Ben Kritz said...

Well, good, now he can go and be Noynoy's economic ill-adviser instead of hanging around to trouble Teodoro, should the latter get lucky and be elected.

Isn't this the same yokel who wanted to declare Albay a "failed state" when Mayon was threatening to have a big eruption? I think so. If I was the Lakas-CMD people, I'd be telling Salceda not to let the door hit him in the butt on the way out.

Arnel B. Endrinal said...

Hi Ben,

I don't know about that "failed state" remark.. but I know he is the one who called President Arroyo "one lucky b*tch".

In fairness to him, he seems to be a knowledgeable person. I had the chance to interview him around the time of Ondoy and he I say he has decent analysis of our squatter problems..

But these are election times and politicians do what they have to do to win elections.

My beef is, what mass media is doing about it?

Arnel B. Endrinal said...

BTW, I just updated this entry with a link to Gov. Joey Salceda's interview at Sentro..