Friday, April 16, 2010

Inquirer Front Page, April 16, 2010

It is really quite interesting to look at how the Inquirer is setting the news agenda these days. Here is a look at their today's front page. Who is favored in their news today?

As everyone can see, this front page is basically a negative press for President Arroyo. Meanwhile, Senators Aquino and Roxas has some exposure here, reminding everyone of the supposedly corrupt Jocjoc Bolante..

As for the presidentiables, I say this one again goes for Sen. Aquino. So far in my books, the score is: Aquino: 2, All others: 0!

Meanwhile, as everyone would know, the President is coming back from Madrid today. If the Inquirer is to be relied upon, the news that we have regarding the Madrid trip is all about the unsupported assertion that the President's delegation requires a "lean" 50 room in the Madrid Ritz Hotel worth more than Euro200 nightly. We also know about her award from the Spanish government for promoting the Spanish language. Of course, in passing, there is mention about a meeting between Arroyo and the Spanish President and another meeting with the Spanish King. Surprisingly, the agenda of the meeting was totally left out. What should have been the headline today is totally not on the Inquirer's radar.

Update April 17, 2010: This article is now being transferred and improved to a new blog called The Inquirer Front Page.

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