Monday, June 15, 2009

SnK: Interview with Bro. Roly Dizon and Mr. Tony Abaya

Sentro ng Katotohanan yesterday separately interviewed well respected personalities Bro. Roly Dizon (former President of the Dela Salle University System and former Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education) and Mr. Tony Abaya (well known columnist, Manila Standard Today), and was able to get unique perspective from both men.

Bro. Roly shared his insights on ConAss and aired his plea to our congressmen to defer their Charter Change initiatives until after the 2010 elections. He also intimated that in our search for a future leader, we must look into three important parameters: Patriotism, Integrity and Excellence (or PIE). When asked about how we can evaluate the integrity of a candidate, he said we shall look into the past, such as the position the candidates took on different issues and the company they kept. Bro. Roly also shared with us his plan of gathering the youth to culminate into conducting a straw vote around February of 2010, which could result in solidifying a bloc of young people ready to support a candidate most perceived as best for the country.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tony Abaya indicated that President Arroyo "may" be trying to do something which Putin has done in Russia - continue control of the country by pushing for a nominal president who will eventually appoint her as prime minister. Mr. Abaya believed though that there will indeed be an election in 2010, wherein President Arroyo will run for Congress. He also advises the people to look for and later elect a revolutionary president (in a non-violent sense)..., someone who is willing to confront the broken and corrupt system of goverment head-on. (Note: Mr. Abaya's opinion may also be found online at

A complete transcript of the above program will be posted at, soon. Meanwhile, tune in to Sentro ng Katotohanan on Sunday, 6-7PM, DZXL 558KHz in Metro Manila for more fresh insights on what is happening in the country today.

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